Goodbye 2009, Welcome 2010!

2009 had been a great and blessed year for Lyrical Moments and this slideshow is dedicated to all of you here, who have in someway or another contributed to part of our success. We’ve bagged 20 international awards for 2009 and to all my couples whose wedding images have won, thank you so much for being part of this legacy! 🙂

and here’s the slideshow for your viewing pleasure

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AGWPJA Q3 2009 results

Sorry for the lack of updates, I promise there’s going to be more more coming up soon.

I’m pleased to announced that we have been placed overall 4th for the 3rd Quarter 2009 AGWPJA results.

Here are the 5 images that won, 4 of which are from the Off-Shoe flash category 😀

2nd place, Off-shoe flash

2nd off

Not taking the concept of off-camera lighing too literally.

7th place, Off-shoe flash

7th off

14th place, Off-shoe flash

14th off

16th place, Off-shoe flash

16th off

13th place, Bride

13th bride

From an earlier wedding this year, love the expression on the bride.

Special thanks to my couples for their support and having faith in me (even though some of the things we did to get the shots might appear a little quirky or irreverant.

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Casual snapshots in Newcastle

Greetings from UK!  I’m actually on a train traveling towards Central London – they actually have wifi onboard their National Express!

This is going to be one of the shortest trips ever, after spending 17 hours getting my butt to Newcastle from Sg yesterday, I’m spending 8 hours in Central London doing some shopping and meeting clients there, hopefully grab some funky toys from Hamleys for the boys.

Had one of the worst oil dripping fish and chips in Newcastle yesterday, but well…that gave me enough energy to take some photos around Newcastle upon Tyne)


[nggallery id=16]

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Out of town notice

 As I’ll be heading to Newcastle and London tomorrow, all meetings and appointments will have to be scheduled after 20 Oct 2009. Looking forward to the cool weather there, get a short break, grab some fish & chips (& beer), meet client, attend an awards ceremony dinner. Oh yes, and wish me luck! 🙂 – Stephen

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Back from Melbourne

Been a week since I got back from photoshoot in Melbourne and weather was really fine, though some of the days were pretty chilly, but it got really warm, especially on the day that returned to Singapore.

Some of my favourites from the Melbourne series, more to come later, I promise 🙂





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Join our Fan page on Facebook

After much procrastination, I’ve finally launched my own fan page on Facebook…and if you haven’t join us, please do right now, drop by and chill out 🙂

I’ve got some really interesting stuffs and annoucements lined up for everyone on that page, so stay tuned!

294 fans and counting already! 🙂

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Seiyang & Stephanie

As promised, more updates from me. :0

Lunar 7th month is just another month for me, it doesn’t get anything less busy, assignments are on going, especially for the overseas weddings that I’m preparing for in two weeks time.

Some favourites from a recent series. Fantastic and sporty couple 🙂

[nggallery id=15]

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To London?

MPA and WPPI, these are the two organisers of the toughest photography competitions for wedding and portrait photographers, and looking at the previous winners from the different category, photographers like myself will probably spend days hammering out the prints, send them to USA or UK, and hope for the best.

Just received a congratulatory email from Master Photographer Association in London (MPA) that one of my images has made it to the finals for the Overseas Wedding Photographer of the Year Award!

That came together with an invitation to the awards ceremony in London come Oct 2009.

However, much as I would love to attend the awards ceremony, as well as see the other finalists and winner’s print next to mine, plus the chance to mingle with some of the veterans in this biz, I happened to have an assignment overseas.  The biggest irony is, both the clients happened to be based in London, but their wedding will be held in their hometown back in Asia.

Good news and bad news come in a pair, usually.

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To jack tob, jackson tobias, jack fruit or whoever you wanna call yourself

I receive approximately 20-30 spams daily on my blog and there we have, this chap who caught my attention, and he obviously bothered to copy the same spam and post it 3 times in a month, after I deleted each of them.

Oh yes, the emails that this chap used are and , both of which are non-existent.  So that makes me wonder what his/her real name is. 

But one thing remains the same, the IP address that brings us to National Cancer Centre Singapore;  managed to pull some strings in one of the forums and viola, some fella who calls himself /herself a healthcare professional happens to share the same IP address. Healthcare professional and National Cancer Centre Singapore might be coincidental, of course the IP address, well…. 🙂

So here’s to Jackson Tobias, jack tob or jack fruit or whatever fruit you wanna call yourself, I don’t know what you have against wedding photographers, but just let you know that your words means nothing, since you’re as good as a ghost, nothing.  Call the Clubsnap Live @Sam workshop a joke or a waste of your time for all I care, there are dozens of other appreciative attendees who have emailed or sent me notes to express their thanks.

Yet another classic example of nameless individuals, hiding behind their computer screens and ranting off, which is why the spam queue is the only place such posts will go to.

PS: On hindside, thanks for taking so much interest in my blog and contributing to my hits 🙂

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