AGWPJA Q3 2009 results

Sorry for the lack of updates, I promise there’s going to be more more coming up soon.

I’m pleased to announced that we have been placed overall 4th for the 3rd Quarter 2009 AGWPJA results.

Here are the 5 images that won, 4 of which are from the Off-Shoe flash category 😀

2nd place, Off-shoe flash

2nd off

Not taking the concept of off-camera lighing too literally.

7th place, Off-shoe flash

7th off

14th place, Off-shoe flash

14th off

16th place, Off-shoe flash

16th off

13th place, Bride

13th bride

From an earlier wedding this year, love the expression on the bride.

Special thanks to my couples for their support and having faith in me (even though some of the things we did to get the shots might appear a little quirky or irreverant.

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