To jack tob, jackson tobias, jack fruit or whoever you wanna call yourself

I receive approximately 20-30 spams daily on my blog and there we have, this chap who caught my attention, and he obviously bothered to copy the same spam and post it 3 times in a month, after I deleted each of them.

Oh yes, the emails that this chap used are and , both of which are non-existent.  So that makes me wonder what his/her real name is. 

But one thing remains the same, the IP address that brings us to National Cancer Centre Singapore;  managed to pull some strings in one of the forums and viola, some fella who calls himself /herself a healthcare professional happens to share the same IP address. Healthcare professional and National Cancer Centre Singapore might be coincidental, of course the IP address, well…. 🙂

So here’s to Jackson Tobias, jack tob or jack fruit or whatever fruit you wanna call yourself, I don’t know what you have against wedding photographers, but just let you know that your words means nothing, since you’re as good as a ghost, nothing.  Call the Clubsnap Live @Sam workshop a joke or a waste of your time for all I care, there are dozens of other appreciative attendees who have emailed or sent me notes to express their thanks.

Yet another classic example of nameless individuals, hiding behind their computer screens and ranting off, which is why the spam queue is the only place such posts will go to.

PS: On hindside, thanks for taking so much interest in my blog and contributing to my hits 🙂

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