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Singapore Bridal Photography: We Capture Your Memorable Wedding Moments

Welcome to Lyrical Moments! We are a team of professionals lensman who are not only experienced and skillful in our craft, but more importantly we love what we do! Our team of Singapore bridal photographers strives not only to create beautiful images of you and your partner in our unique style, but also want the images to tell the viewers the story behind who the people we photographed are.

The Perfect Style

Our images are created with contemporary approach and style, and we try to make the bridal sessions fun for our clients. We also have a unique way of doing the post-production work that gives the images the signature look, whether it is in colour or black-and-white. Here in Lyrical Moments, we makes use of every techniques and tools that we can get our hands on to provide you with top quality images; we are also one of the first wedding photographers in Singapore to use digital medium format in the capture process because we believe our clients, who are working hard in the planning and execution of the image capturing, deserve the best tools in the industry.

Those Candid Moments

Your wedding day is going to be a day of great fun, new friendships and uncontrollable tears. Our bridal photographers in Singapore will endeavor to capture these special moments for you because when the wedding day is over, what is left are the beautiful photos.

At Lyrical Moments, we make things easier, relaxed and more comfortable for the bride and the groom, and as far as possible, we certainly do not want to stage or rig those moments. We are a team of friendly people that will dress well for your wedding because we have utmost respect for your wedding, as well as our job as professionals.

Drop us a line if you would like to find out more about our overseas bridal photography.

February 8, 2013

Lunar New Year is around the corner again and I’m going to let you into a little secret… I’ve not bought Bak Kwa, a kind of meat jerky that is served as a snack during the festive season.  And since everyone’s bugging me for the recipe, I don’t mind sharing it, in case some of you are sick of queuing and paying for this overpriced produce (USD $45 to $50 per kg is a rip-off IMO)


500g of minced meat (pork or chicken will work, make sure there’s some fats to them)


The marinate

1 tbs peanut oil

1 tbs fish sauce

1 tbs Chinese cooking wine or Sherry (I use Shao Xing wine)

3 tbs Soya sauce

1 tbs oyster sauce

1 tbs good quality thick black sauce

100g white sugar

3 tbs honey

2 tsp five-spice powder



1 tbs fermented red bean curd

½ tsp rose water

1 tsp of red colouring




Start by combining all the marinate ingredients, I use a whisk to make sure the powder and fermented red bean curd is mixed evenly.  Don’t be lazy on this step!


Pour everything into a Ziploc bag, including the meat, zip it up and mix it around until a dark crimson red mixture is achieved.  For best results, leave it over night in the fridge.


Pre-heat oven to 120 degrees-c


Line a sheet pan with parchment (baking) paper and pour HALF the mixture into it.  Use your hands or a spatula to spread the meat evenly to form approximately 28cm x 22cm.


Bake in oven for 20 minutes.  The meat should dry and some liquid will seep out from the meat.


After 20 minutes, turn the oven up to 160 degrees-c and continue baking for 10 minutes.  Use a brush to pick up the liquid that seeps out and baste the meat with it.  This is the liquid that will give you a glaze as it reduces on the meat, or turns into black carbon if left on parchment paper.


Flip the meat over, cut it into 4 pieces and continue baking for another 10-15 minutes until you get a nice shiny glaze on the surface.


Let the meat cool down and it can be stored for up to 2 weeks in the fridge.  Heat it up in a toaster or microwave oven before serving.



Traditionally, the bak kwa is heated up or finished in a charcoal grill.  However, we can achieve that similar charcoal smoke flavour using the following Indiancooking method..  Using a big work or pot, spread out the meat in vessel, leave some space in the center for a bowl.  Heat up 2 pieces of charcoal over the burner until it’s red hot and place it in the bowl.  With the lid of the vessel in one hand, pour in a little oil over the hot charcoal, and quickly put the lid on.  Leave it in there to smoke for 15-20 minutes.

tt twitter big3 Bullet proof Bak Kwa Recipe

Haven’t posted a series for a while so here’s one that we did recently and for the benefit of my clients that are based very far away, we’re putting the slideshow up for easy viewing.

Hao Ren & Bingying slideshow

tt twitter big3 Hao Ren & Bingying   Wedding day slideshow

london We are going to be in London and Cambridge!Quick announcement, we are going to be in London and Cambridge from 16 August to 22 August 2012. If you happened to be there and would like to meet up for drink, or commission a photo shoot even, do drop me an email at

tt twitter big3 We are going to be in London and Cambridge!

March 7, 2012

Some good news to share, 2 of my images have been awarded 1st and 3rd placing in the final Quarter of ISPWP competition.


1st placing under The Wedding Dress

(Kellie and Jim, that’s an awesome dress that you guys design, love it!)

JimKellpw 0278 OUT2 2 top awards from ISPWP!



3rd Place under First Dance

kenleeyenAD1 1327 OUT2 2 top awards from ISPWP!

(Ken & Lee Yen: Finally won something with this image! Looking forward to our baby photography session soon!)

tt twitter big3 2 top awards from ISPWP!

  • kellie koh says:

    Well done stephen ! thanks for the shoot !!! not me not me ! all credit of the wedding dress goes to my hubby Jim ! it was all his hard work !!! thank you for submitting this photo too it’s amazing stephen !

Some newborn /baby photography to share…and yes, we do provide such photography services, just that we haven’t really been marketing it.  :)

Here are some favorites icon smile Newborn / Baby Photography


Interested parties please email me at!

tt twitter big3 Newborn / Baby Photography

We are planning a trip to Kyoto on 5 April 2012, which happens to be the cherry blossom season!

As usual, limited sessions available, so those interested in photoshoot there, please drop us an email at

icon smile Overseas Bridal in Kyoto, Japan | Singapore wedding photographer

tt twitter big3 Overseas Bridal in Kyoto, Japan | Singapore wedding photographer

This print finally received the recognition that it deserves, 8 months after it was created – the Master Photography Awards 2011 gave this print an impressive score of 90, the highest I’ve ever achieved.  Oh yes, to top it off, it received also an Award of Excellence.

SC676e The Missing Link   the print that scored 90 at the Master Photography Awards 2011

The Missing Link

Entitled “The Missing Link”, this is an example of poetic expression in our works – how two person bridge the gap (literall!).   And no, this is not the DLC for Deus Ex – Human Revolution, which by the way is one of the better games made this year.

We must have spent at least 50 minutes to get this image, so many thanks to my couple who believed in my work and vision; not forgetting my trusty assistants Joseph and Vee, who were both working tirelessly with me to create one of my best works this year!

tt twitter big3 The Missing Link   the print that scored 90 at the Master Photography Awards 2011

September 9, 2011

More images from the Jos+Rach series.  One of the biggest challenges and part of the fun is how we make this set of bridal images look like it’s not photographed in Singapore!

Speaking of which, time to scout for more venues for wedding photography icon smile Jos + Rach gowns

SC742 Jos + Rach gowns

SC743 Jos + Rach gowns

SC746 Jos + Rach gowns

SC744 Jos + Rach gowns

SC745 Jos + Rach gowns

tt twitter big3 Jos + Rach gowns

August 24, 2011

Gorgeous photo of Miranda in the gown by Jos+Rachel icon smile Greek Goddess

SC739 Greek Goddess

tt twitter big3 Greek Goddess

Was a crazy hot afternoon yesterday and among the crew involved in the photo shoot, the savvy ones who applied sunblock lotion got away with nasty sun burn.  That’s how the weather is like in Singapore, forever summer … and now we know why many of couples from overseas choose to get married here as well.

We finally headed to the Wanderlust hotel, a new boutique hotel near Little India, and after a whole of baking in the sun, even the slight bit of air conditioning is heaven.

Here’s one that I like, featuring the beautiful gown from Jos + Rachel , more to come icon smile From yesterdays photoshoot...

SC737 From yesterdays photoshoot...


tt twitter big3 From yesterdays photoshoot...