Mark & Amelia – 15 August 2009

I love my job.  So how do I know it? At the end of the day, you’re tired, but you just want to look forward to working on the images. 

Well initially, they were supposed to get married on Oct 17 this year, and it being a very popular date, I’ve lost count of how many couples I’ve turned down so I referred some of the other photographers to her.  Amelia was one of the couples who expressed their disappointment that the date wasn’t available in my comments page here.

Guess what?  Few weeks later, I received a call from Amelia asking me which are the available dates in August 2009, and that she will try to book the hotel accordingly.  Some photographers probably find it hard to believe this because most of the couples’ wedding dates are determined largely by the availability of the hotel (i.e the banquet venue). This couple is definitely very different from the rest.

Mark & Amelia, if you’re reading this now on a plane or at the airport, thank you once again.  We all had a great time yesterday and do enjoy your honeymoon!

Shot yesterday on the eve of my birthday (and now that the kiddos are asleep I’ve picked up some of my favs from the series)… Sneak peaks only 🙂

[nggallery id=14]

Oh yes, the importance of the photographer to the wedding couple on their big day is another reason why I love this job and  Mark & Amelia has reaffirmed that 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Mark & Amelia – 15 August 2009

  1. Amelia says:

    Hi Stephen,

    Back from holiday. Great pictures! Saved them btw to send them to my bridesmaids and family!

    Fantastic. 🙂

    Didn’t realise that you took the rings 😉

    Can I paste them on facebook?

    Airbrush away my eyebags can?
    No, really.

    Love the colours.

    You’re second to none.


  2. Hey Amelia,

    Must have had a good holiday? 🙂

    Anyway, no need to air brush anything, you looked stunning that day.

    Will call you when photos are ready, you can certainly look forward to them.



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