John & Jo

Last month was really mad mad mad, out of the 5 assignments, 3 of them were postponed from June all thanks to H1N1 flu.

This is the 2nd shoot for the month of July, I met John and Jo when I was covering the wedding for one of their friend’s wedding back in December 2008.  It’s always good to know that your previous clients have been referring their friends to you, more than just another job opportunity, it’s a sign that the couple is happy with your work.  And no, I don’t have commission system in place, so I’m always very happy when clients refer their friends to me 🙂

Despite the rain, we had a very fruitful session. Plus, John and Jo are both very confident individuals (if you know what they work as, you’ll understand why) which made the photoshoot a blast.

Some favorites 🙂

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