AGWPJA Q1 2009 results

3 more international awards from AGWPJA Quarter 1 2009.  This time round, the photos are really something cutting edge and looking at the other entries is a reminder that one should keep inventing and exploring new styles and techniques.  I’m very glad to  be placed overall 6th this time, Dino Lara as usual securing the top 3 places (well done Dino!).

3rd place under Ceremony  sc420a

4th place under Engagement  & Wedding Portraitsc431a

 6th place under Engagement  & Wedding Portrait (my favourite of the lot, can you spot 2 balloons there?)


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2 thoughts on “AGWPJA Q1 2009 results

  1. George says:

    was just surfing around to pick up some tips for weddings. just wanted to comment that this is a very creative shot. thumbs up.

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