Glutinous Rice

Was watching some of those travel shows on Discovery network and it really amazes me how some of these food joints can exist for so many years – from buffalo wings to ribs to waffles, and folks bringing their grand children to places that they have been patronising since they were kids themselves.  There’s this interview with an old couple who have been having the pancake and waffles for the past 50 years and every piece of it still taste just as good.

Can’t really say the same for Singapore though and finding a food joint that still retains its standard after decades is closed to impossible, and there are so many factors – rent, children not wanting continue the family business, profit driven over a quality driven biz, etc, etc.

The glutinous rice store in Kreta Ayer Food centre is about one of the rare few that is still around, the same familiar guys who were as old as I am right now back in the 70’s when they were still paddling those packets of glutinous rice along the streets of Chinatown, push cart style.  Now, the queue is about 15 minutes wait at least and they no longer serve the free Chinese tea that compliments the glutinous rice.  I brought Kyan to try out daddy and grand dad’s favourite dish, and this is something that still tastes the same after all these years – the fragrant, pearly grain of rice with soft peanuts, topped with crispy fried shallot and garlic, with a final splash of sesame oil and soya sauce.

Our just-woken-up Kyan with the plate of rice.  Sorry, daddy had to wake you up, 20 minutes on my shoulders is enough and food can’t turn cold…219k3281

 Tristan and Mummy’s so going to be jealous 😛

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