Hao Ren & Bingying – Wedding day slideshow

Haven’t posted a series for a while so here’s one that we did recently and for the benefit of my clients that are based very far away, we’re putting the slideshow up for easy viewing.

Hao Ren & Bingying slideshow

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We are going to be in London and Cambridge!

Quick announcement, we are going to be in London and Cambridge from 16 August to 22 August 2012. If you happened to be there and would like to meet up for drink, or commission a photo shoot even, do drop me an email at stephen@lyricalmoments.com

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The Missing Link – the print that scored 90 at the Master Photography Awards 2011

This print finally received the recognition that it deserves, 8 months after it was created – the Master Photography Awards 2011 gave this print an impressive score of 90, the highest I’ve ever achieved.  Oh yes, to top it off, it received also an Award of Excellence.

The Missing Link

Entitled “The Missing Link”, this is an example of poetic expression in our works – how two person bridge the gap (literall!).   And no, this is not the DLC for Deus Ex – Human Revolution, which by the way is one of the better games made this year.

We must have spent at least 50 minutes to get this image, so many thanks to my couple who believed in my work and vision; not forgetting my trusty assistants Joseph and Vee, who were both working tirelessly with me to create one of my best works this year!

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Jos + Rach gowns

More images from the Jos+Rach series.  One of the biggest challenges and part of the fun is how we make this set of bridal images look like it’s not photographed in Singapore!

Speaking of which, time to scout for more venues for wedding photography 🙂

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Valerie & Asad sneak preview

A sneak preview from Valerie & Asad’s ROM series, photographed in Singapore.


Will be formally introducing a new addition to the Lyrical Moments crew who took up this job…and pss… it’s a lady photographer…. 🙂



More to come, I promise!

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Wedding photography tip of the day – Wedding dress = no touchie

One very useful tip of the day for everyone who likes to do wedding photography, either as a hobby or as a full-time job.  Do not touch the wedding dress…  no touchie, non, tak boleh!

So what’s the big deal with moving the wedding gown? Here are some incidents to share:

Incident #1

I know many videographers & cinematographers who are very passionate with their job, and one such bloke (no name mentioned)  took the wedding gown from the apartment to the ground floor for some video clips.  Being a very creative person, he took the gown and hung it on one of the trees by clothes hanger.  Beautiful golden sunlight that day, perfect for snippets that has lots of nice lens flare effects.  I greeted him from afar and went up to the bride’s apartment.

Minutes later, I heard the bride’s mother and bridesmaid screaming and yelling and to cut the long story short, the gown was blown against the tree trunk and part of it got soiled quite badly.  How badly? It was enough to ruin the bride’s big day and the videographer could only apologise profusely for it.

Incident #2

Read this over a professional forum where one bloke tried to emulate another famous photographer’s stun of hanging the wedding gown on a construction site scaffold.  He hung it behind a door frame and he probably thought hey, who’s going to work on Sunday at the construction site?  Half way through filming, two workers came out from there…  Cutting the long story short again, the gown got 2 boot marks on it on the front and part of the veil was torn.


Nightmarish isn’t it?  If these are not scary enough, think about how much some of these gowns cost.  Some of my clients pay as high as USD$13k for a gown , USD$2800 for a Cheong Sum (traditional Chinese gown) from labels like Tan Yoong or Vera Wang.  Would you want to be responsible for any mishap to them?

Bottom line is, unless you have telekinesis, leave that to the parents or the bridesmaid…(if it’s necessary for you to move the gown to a place to photograph it)

If you find this tip useful, please share it with your friends (you can tweet or share it on Facebook through this blog).   More tips to come soon! 🙂

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Weilun & Qiaoling | Singapore Wedding Photography

Wedding is not just an event about two person’s commitment to each other, more than that it is an event where people that you know all your life shows up to share those moments of fun, joy, laughter (and booze) with you.

The wedding of Weilun and Qiaoling was one that not only celebrates the fact that they have known each other since Secondary or Middle school and finally tying the knot, but the friends whom they have known since childhood were there with them on their Red Letter day.

Oh yes, the Geek Boys vs Leopard Prints Gals, was simply hilarious! (My toes are giggling as I’m typing now…)

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Lyrical Moments is hiring (finally!)

Lyrical Moments will be expanding and right now, we are looking for:

1. Photographers – please submit your online portfolio for wedding and portraits.

2. Assistants – on part-time /ad-hoc basis, priority given to students who want to learn more about photography.

3. DI Artist

4. Interns – students in related discipline like photography, graphic design and business/marketing.


Interested parties please drop me an email at stephen@lyricalmoments.net

Looking forward to hear from you!

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