5 awards from WPJA Q4 2008

5 images from WPJA Q4 2008 to share, competitions getting stiff these days, and we’ve seen more and more photographers from the Asia pacific region being named in the top ranks for this competition.

15th place under Engagement Portrait

This is the second award received by this image, shot right next to Tower Bridge in London in August 2008. Not the kind of images we would expect from this site (where’s Tower Bridge?!?!?!) 🙂


8th place under Full-frame (B&W)

This is a wild card category that accepts any journalistic style images, so long they’re not cropped and in black-and-white. Shot this while Jean was walking out of the hotel suite, image is a real moment and the difficult thing about these shots is to get it right without giving directions to the subjects /telling them what to do just for the sake of getting the photos. Best part is, she was probably too nervious to even notice me taking this photo as she walked out of the hotel suite to the solemnisation venue.


6th place under ‘Other Vendor’

This photo is a tribute to all vendors, especially those who are perfectionists, like this banquet manager preparing the glasses for the Champagne pouring.  I love the way those funky colors from the stage light work in this image.


15th place under ‘Emotion’

The next 2 images are very typical of the kind of quirkiness that’s underscores most of my images.  The whole mix of reactions and expressions that really make us wonder what exactly is going on in the scene, and in anyway, most people would have focused their cameras on the flower girl in this part of the ceremony, I’ve just offered the other perspective …  looking at things from an obtuse angle.


and from the same wedding as the previous image, 3rd place under ‘Toasting’

I’ve shot countless toasting pictures at a wedding, but this particular one really caught my eye because of the expression of the bride’s brother in the picture.  I like the graphical way in which the hands holding the glasses is presented, and even the judges have mentioned that it is a very different angle from the others.


Time for a little celebration, 9 awards in total for WPJA 2008, and 3 of which came in top 3 placing, I can’t wait for the overall ranking to be out 🙂

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WPPI 2009 – Accolades of Excellence

The WPPI 16×20 is one of the international competitions that’s often regarded as the Oscars equivalent of wedding and portrait photography, and probably one of the very few competitions that the big guys and legends of wedding photography (folks like Jerry Ghonis, Yervant, David Oliver) take part in.  I’ve always wanted to attend the seminar but for the past few years, I’ve got to photoshoots in Singapore that tied me down.  Last week, I’ve received some well wishes from fella photographer, some even from Malaysia, who saw my prints hung up there, amongst the finalists, in the hall of fame.  What really sucks about not being there is, you have no idea which prints you’ve won…until this morning.

Just received the email from WPPI about 3 of my images being awarded Accolade of Excellence!  Not too bad for a first attempt, and considering I’ve only sent in 4 pieces (they do cost a lot of money to print, considering it’s 16×20, postage and all just adds on).



and the 3 pieces are…


Looks familiar eh? Ivy & Suan Hau must be very happy, this is the 3rd International award!


The quirky image shot in Arab Street, and ….


Another of my familiar favourites, this photo taken in Melbourne has won it’s 3rd International Awards, along with AGWPJA and Contemporary Wedding Portrait during the MPA Singapore print competition last Nov 08.

5 years ago, I would not have imagined myself being able to compete in such gruelling competitions, and I really owe my couples and mentors for their constant support and encouragement. So a BIG thank you to all you out there! 🙂

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1st Award in 2009! Wii-eeeeeeee :)

Have received some really good news today , I’ve just been named 2nd place for the annual competition organised by Digital Wedding Forum (DWF). Yes, I was told that the piece was selected for the finals and result’s finally out!

Here’s the quirky piece, which is also one of my favourites! 🙂


The prize, a brand new set of Nintendo Wii, which I’m going to put it up for sale since I’ve already bought one last year 🙂

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