Newborn nephew

It has been 2 years since my sister got married and just a week after their 2nd anniversary, they are now proud parents of this little fella…


Yes, my nephew Benjamin Sim, has arriveth on 10 March 2009! Welcome to this world! 🙂

Brought my kids down today to see their baby cousin (and future playmate) at TMC, guess I’m not the only one that’s excited!


Tristan looked somewhat  intrigued….



Kyan, well er, I don’t know what to say. Let the picture speaks for itself.

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Vanessa & Cyprian – 21 Feb 2009

I met up with Vanessa & Cyprian in a swanky pub in Soho, London, just before my photoshoot in UK last August, and we’ve been corresponding via email ever since.  We could hardly believe how time just flies and that last meeting sipping Mojito and wine was like half a year ago!

This is one example of weddings that I like a lot – simple and intimate and here are some highlights for the couple, before they fly back to London for work in a few days time.

I really love photographing kids, and one thing that would interest most people is, what on earth is going on in these little minds? 😀

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Penang – photoshoot (laksa & chendol & beh teh saw)

Catherine & Jun is one of my overseas couples and they are currently based in London, some of my readers would have remembered one of the couples I shot in London back in August 2008.  (One of the few things that I *should* have updated, their series of photos was one that was highly commended at my last Master Photographer Association Associateship grading, one of the images won the Contemporary Portrait Awards during the print competition in Nov 08).

Recently, they’ve decided to do a photoshoot in Penang, their hometown where I’ll be doing their actual day wedding as well this coming Oct 2009.  This was a really short trip, I flew in on 22 Jan, did the shoot on 23 Jan, and was at the airport within the next 1 hour for night flight back to Singapore.

What is Penang without the famous hawker fare, and having brought me around the best eateries in London, I had the chance to savour one of the best Penang laksa and the famous cendol, served by the roadside. Brought back 4 boxes of beh teh saw (some pastry with water chestnut filling), a much better variant of the famous Penang tau sa piah (the original version with a saltish sweet bean filling).

Here are some of my favourites from the series:

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Chris & Pauline – 06 December 2008

Chris & Pauline are probably one of the most fun-loving couples I’ve met this year and I truly enjoyed every moment of it. 

And, believe it or not, both of them are dentist by profession.

Chris: Still amazed by how you can figure out which “bite” belongs to Pauline. :p

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Welcome to the new blog!

Have finally decided to bite the bullet and host my blog on my server.  3 big reasons why I want to do so:

1. Blog hosted in Singapore means local folks gets to surf my blog at a muuuuuuuuuuch faster, yes, I mean much much faster speed.

2. It’s easier to remember my blog address by simply adding a /blog/ suffix behind my URL

3. With funky plugins that helps me upload and update the files, esp the gallery features, it’s easier to get things updated. Easy update = More posts to come! 🙂

For those who wants to visit our old blog, you can drop by at


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