Dried human placenta for USD$5

Look what I found at a popular medicinal shop along Smith Street in Chinatown, Singapore.

Dried Human Placenta for USD$5?


Couldn’t resist taking a photograph of it, and this is certainly NOT one item that we see being served at Chinese wedding dinners.


This one caught my eye as well.  Those who understand Chinese might find this funny…

Semen and Jing zi (Sperm??)


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Awesome video – 2D Rube Goldberg

This is really cool! I wonder how much time they took to build the set… if only photography studios here have the space to do this. Enjoy!

The amount of photography equipment they used for this is just obscene… There we are scrimping and saving for those lastolite reflectors and profoto softboxes (they ain’t cheap) and here we them being played around 😛

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I thought I saw a planker?

For a while, I thought someone came out with a cool idea to plank on the aircon compressor…. puns intended…

…Until I saw the harness. 🙂

Don’t think anyone here in Singapore will do that … stunts like these are cops magnet.

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