Thank you for attending my session!

Like to say a big Thank You to those who showed up for yesterday’s sharing session at Fort Canning (despite the heavy downpour!). Hope you find the session beneficial, hope to see more of you venturing into digital medium format soon.

Like to acknowledge a few guys here:

1.  Matthew Tan, president of WPAS for giving me the opportunity to speak at the event. It was a really warm reception (both literally and figuratively!)

2. Cathay Photo for their

The slides can be downloaded here in pdf format.

Cheers! -Stephen

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Featured at Focus on Imaging 2011

I’m very honoured to have one of my images selected by the Master Photographer Association (UK) to be featured at Focus on Imaging 2011, which is arguably the biggest photographic convention for professionals only.  The image, which received an accolade from UK last year, was printed to a whopping size of 2m x 1m, wish I was there to see the actual print! 🙂

Photo’s from a series of my couple Kelly & Joe, and I really like the details on Kelly’s Cheong Sum, which by the way is a creation by Vaughn Tan.

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Talk cum demo at Fort-Canning

Quick announcement, I will be giving a talk /demo for the WPAS event this coming Tuesday, 26 April 2011.  I will be touching on on-location lighting and how a little peek on the making of some of the award-winning images that I have shot using strobes and speedlites.

For more information how to register for the event, please goto

See ya there! 🙂

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New Lyrical Moments blog and website!

This has been a very exciting week for Lyrical Moments!  Over the course of 7 days, some of the best things that have happened to us:

  1. We have launched a spanking new website and blog!  Check it out here . I almost fell of my chair when I saw the site clocking over 23,000 and taking up 3.5gigabytes of traffic within 24 hours after it’s went live viral!
  2. We have an undergrad from the Singapore Management University (SMU) who will be joining us for 3 months for his internship. We had a meet just yesterday and I’m really excited to have him on board, more info to come later.
  3. Lastly, we have a new associate that is joining Lyrical Moments, he’s a talent chap who is very passionate about photography.  We shall introduce this Man of Mystery later

That’s all for now folks, and hope everyone have a restful long weekend…and yes, Happy Easter in advance!

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