Johannes & Olinda

I had the privilege to photograph Johannes & Olinda, a really fun and lovely couple who have come a long way from a distant relationship.  Kudos to both of you as I always have a lot of admiration for couples who are able to sustain long distance relationship , because it’s not easy at all.

Yesterday’s photo session was really challenging in the sense that we encountered many, and I really mean many resistance throughout the course of the day. I think we were stopped at least 4 times for taking photos, and sometimes, it’s just not worth my time and energy to argue with the relevant authorities because at the end of the day, I have look at the picture and put the photoshoot as the main priority.  I’m beginning to start asking for their supervisors’ contact because I would love to speak directly to them to have an understanding why photography is not allowed even though it is a public place.

Some highlights and sneak preview from the series:








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One thought on “Johannes & Olinda

  1. Kenny says:

    Hi Stephen,

    I attended today Nikon Seminar, just want to drop you a note to say thanks.
    And I think I saw you in Terminal 3 on 5 July (Sunday), I believe you were shooting in the hotel.
    Details… the couple were holding a glass of???
    By the way, I am more of a landscape person… because I can’t find model… haa!! haa!!


    (p.s. I am the guy that started the wave of questions)

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